Youth Ministries

If you have a student in 1st-8th grade who you think might be interested in Gems or Cadets, feel free to stop by on a Wednesday night at 6:30 pm and check it out!
High schoolers meet for youth group on Sundays at 6:00 pm, all 9th-12th graders are welcome to join!


Cadets focuses upon teaching 1st-8th grade boys about God through both Bible study and exploring creation. A Wednesday night lesson typically includes a large group Bible story, a short small group Bible study and a time of learning and practicing new skills. Counselors work to teach the boys useful skills such as woodworking, metal working, small engines, axemanship, fire building or a variety of other things at an age appropriate level.


GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior) is a great program from 1st-5th grade girls to encounter and learn about God while enjoying fun games, crafts and interesting lessons. Meetings vary, but they usually include time of singing, a Bible lesson and an engaging badge or craft. Yearly highlights include a multi-generational tea party and a derby car race with the Cadets.

Middle School Youth Group

Since Cadets goes through 8th grade and GEMS goes through 5th grade, Middle School Youth Group is for 6th-8th grade girls to keep developing relationship with each other and with God. Much like GEMS, dedicated volunteer leaders teach Biblical lessons that fit well with this age group. Each Wednesday evening also includes a fun activity or game and a snack time.

Senior High Youth Group

Senior High Youth Group brings together interested 9th-12th grades in the Compass building on Sunday nights at 6:00. This is a laid back time of playing games, exploring God’s Word together, and getting to know each other and the youth leaders. Interspersed throughout the year are opportunities to go on weekend retreats, mission trips and local service nights.